Mary Wissinger is a writer and a cultivator of creativity. She believes that everyone is creative and that you are the cat's pajamas. 

She is the author of the My First Chemistry Textbook Series, a hilarious yet accurate set of chemistry-themed children's books that is the 6th most funded children's publishing project on Kickstarter. You can visit for more information about the series as well as a sneak peek into her upcoming publishing projects. 

Mary has a BA in Communication, an MA in Teaching, and a passion for baked goods. She has been guiding people through the creative process for the past ten years. Currently, she's into Improv and really loves to sing, most often with the Saint Louis Symphony Chorus.

She has also been known to dabble in musical composition, and acting. Mary is a founding member of the renegade arts group Undiscovered Company.

 Photo Credit: Jenn Korman

Photo Credit: Jenn Korman

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