Today (Is the day it begins!)

Hey you. I’ll bet you’ve got a really great idea. Don’t gimme that guff, I know you’ve got one. I’ll bet it’s so good that it that would make your life, your community, your fill-in-the-blank better, and you’ve been saving it for the opportune moment.    

Well hot damn, it’s your lucky day. Today is the day you’re gonna take one step in the direction of your idea.

If you’re feeling trepidation, you’re not alone.  Often, fear of vulnerability ties up our wishes so tight that we quit before we start. If you listen closely you can hear the doubts pile up: 

“I’d really like to _________, but….”

“What’s the point in trying when….” 

“You can’t do it! You’re a total fraud! Everybody will know it and something terrible will happen like you'll kill the sun and we’ll all freeze to death because you are so awful.” (Just me?)

I’ve been there and had many irrational thoughts. Let’s go for it anyway!  Let’s do the incredible things that we know will transform our lives! But let’s be good to ourselves and start small.

If you’re feeling vulnerable (“Ughhhhh"), go on and listen to the thoughts swirling in your head. What are they saying you can’t do? Where are they saying you can’t go? Whether these limitations were placed by you or somebody else, acknowledge that the doubts are there. 

Then step right around those doubts and go towards that feeling of vulnerability.  Do one small thing that will take you in the direction of what you want. Something you can realistically accomplish. (A phone call. A googling of an organization.) Give yourself the big go-ahead and do it, today. 

And then you don’t have to fret anymore about whether or not you should do that thing! Huzzah! Choosing the discomfort of vulnerability can actually lead to a great sense of relief.  If something happens as a result, great! If nothing happens as a result, great!  You are one step closer to unleashing all the goodness you’ve been saving. 

Now get a move on, pleaseandthanks.