Why? (Oh Why Would Someone Choose Vulnerability?)

I consider myself a champion of vulnerability.

I heard the “Ughhhhh” that just came from your side of the screen.  Thanks for your honest and visceral reaction!  That’s what vulnerability, even the word itself, does. It makes us feel alive.  So alive that it scares us.  Our stomachs do some interesting things.  We entertain fears of the catastrophic events that might happen as a result of being vulnerable.   This discomfort is something with which we are all familiar, whether or not we like to admit it. 

And we really, seriously, don’t like to admit that we are vulnerable.  We often pretend that we are invulnerable, and are perfectly content with the way things are, thanks.  We keep secret our very best ideas and our biggest dreams.  We hide who we really are.  We run away from connecting with others. 

That’s not being alive.  That’s going through the motions of being alive.  

It is impossible to truly be alive without being vulnerable. 


Let’s clear something up. Vulnerability is neither masculine nor feminine, and it is not weakness. Being vulnerable does not mean oversharing or placing yourself in situations in which you could experience serious harm.

Vulnerability is bravery and connection. Being vulnerable means doing the things you know are good for you (or the world) even when it’s uncomfortable, difficult, or intimidating.  Vulnerability is living as the most “you” you’ve ever been.  

It’s going to take some work.  Vulnerability requires stepping out of your comfort zone and accepting the challenges that arise. Not every moment will be amazing.  Sometimes you’ll want to pitch vulnerability out the window and go back to your couch and favorite video streaming service. That’s normal, but keep your chin up and your heart open. Practicing vulnerability will unlock experiences, relationships, and opportunities you never dreamed were possible. It will transform your world, which will transform my world.

So join me on this adventure. Let's be champions of vulnerability together.