Sharing (isn't always caring)

soggy dreams don't flourish.jpg

"Wow…that sounds like a lot of work.”

Stressful! Are you sure you want to do that?”

“That’s a great idea, but how are you going to make it happen?”

If this sounds familiar, you have come into contact with a wet blanket. Do not fear. Just back away slowly...

When I let folks know I was leaving my job, I had a few people ask me if I sure I was making the right decision. They were so kind - very well-meaning! But still wet blankets.

There are times in life when we are filled with energy to create something, to shake things up, or to make a big change. This newfound aliveness and excitement can make other people uncomfortable, and most often it’s the people nearest and dearest to us. 

It doesn’t mean they don’t wish you all the best. Maybe their wet blanket status is because you’re making a change they wish they could make, or because they’re afraid of how your change will affect them. But it can still feel crummy to be met with doubt or fear when we’re totally jazzed about something. 

Soggy dreams don’t flourish.

I try to share my fledgling ideas with people who are cozy blankets who can provide support. Or people who are non-blankets that will give my spark some air. Eventually, as my idea gets stronger and I get more confident, even a conversation with a wet blanket is not a setback on my journey. 

Note: This goes both ways! When we identify who fits where on the spectrum of blankets, then we need to know where we fit on the spectrum for others and make a change if needed.

No matter someone's blanket status, you can still love and respect the people in your life. Choosing what you share and with whom doesn't mean you're selfish or secretive. It just means you're not asking people to be anything other than themselves. And in a time when we share so much on social media, it’s good to remember that not everyone needs to know everything.

You deserve to have cozy and non-blankets in your life, and to be the same for others. If that’s a challenge at the moment, I highly recommended the cozy blanket / non-blanket wisdom of Brene Brown