Discover (new places)

Have you ever had to catch your breath after reading something? That happened to me when I saw this quote. 

My former shore was a job at which I was very good: classroom teaching. I taught high school and then elementary school music.

Between wanting to be a classroom teacher and then being one, I spent 20 years staring at this shore. There were very rewarding moments, and I had many indicators that this was what I was born to do

But in real life, I was a wreck. Every ounce of my energy, my creativity, my self went into being a teacher. It really upped the number of places I cried, as you can see below:

I knew it was time for me to try something else, but I was afraid of moving away from the shore of teaching. I tried to tell myself I wasn’t in that bad of shape.

Then I remembered some more locations in which I cried:

So I went out into the ocean to discover new, non-classroom lands.

What’s it like losing sight of the shore? Scary as hell. But this is the most alive I’ve felt in almost a decade.

I’m not saying you have to do something drastic like quit your job.

I’m just saying that it can be good to lose sight of a shore that doesn't serve you.

You deserve to be in the ocean of possibility.

Are you in the ocean with me? Thinking of leaving shore? I'd love to hear about your experiences and cheer you on!