Tiny Wish (Into Big Reality)

Once upon a time, I had a tiny wish. I wanted to work with a small group of people on accessing their creativity and gearing up to take creative risks.

This wish turned into a big, huge reality a few weeks ago when I hosted the first Chin Up Heart Open Workshop: Bust Out in 2016.

I was hoping for ten people.

Instead, there were thirty-nine. [HOLY MOLY. SO MUCH CREATIVITY.]

And let me tell you, I was in awe of their soul spelunking and courageous creating! There was laughter and reflection, and awarding of gold stars. Friendships were forged and exciting ideas were proclaimed. 

The Bust Out Workshop was a series of fun activities I designed and curated to help people get in touch with their creativity and tap into their tenacity. Everyone left with a booklet at the end of the night so they could refer to the activities later. And gold stars for their effort. (Because who doesn’t love those?) I am full of gratitude for everyone who attended, and even a week later I'm charged up from their work!

There will be more Chin Up Heart Open Workshops in the future. Currently, I’m designing a workshop geared specifically toward writers, and should have that up and running soon. If you can’t wait until then, you can always join the free, two-week Artist's Way Adventure Group that will start February 17th. Hope to see you soon!

Bust Out in 2016 was done as part of the SHE In the Pub series by Super Heroines, Etc. SHE is an amazing non-profit that hosts variety of meet-ups and workshops with the overarching mission of empowering women to embrace their inner nerd. This workshop would not have happened without them. In short, SHE is incredible, and if you’re in St. Louis I highly recommend checking them out. And if you’re in another city, I highly recommend starting a chapter.