Hey creator, Fancy seeing you here

If you're alive, you're creative, but that doesn't make it easy. Sometimes we get stuck. Enter Creativity Jam Sessions, which help creators of all kinds live whole-hearted and more engaged lives. Whether you're looking to finish a project, cultivate a creative practice, or explore new options, I'm here to help! Creativity Jam Sessions with me can be done remotely (thanks, technology!) or in person (thanks, St. Louis, MO!). Want to learn more? Read on, or drop me a line.



Um, I’m not exactly an artist…can I be here?

YES. Everyone is creative. Especially you. And when we embrace the aliveness that comes with embracing our creativity, our lives and the lives of those around us are better! 

All right then...how does this stuff work?

We’ll explore creativity and its place in your life. This looks different for everyone. Maybe you want to finish that novel, show your play, pick up drawing, or advocate for more creatively fulfilling projects at work. Whatever your goal, we would pick an area of focus and complete the following process: Discovery - Creative Space Making - Creative Action - Reflection. During this, my role is to provide support for your specific needs.

Creativity Jam Sessions work best twice a month. The duration of our play is entirely based on your needs, but most people feel like 3 - 6 months of Jam Sessions work well for them.

Each month includes:

Two 45-minute in-person or skype Jam Sessions

A tailored creative action plan to expand your creative horizons

Email support between sessions

Hmm...how do I know if Creativity Jam Sessions are right for me?

Contact me to set up a free Mini-Jam Session. We’ll do some focus and discovery so you can get an idea of the creative spelunking we could do together. (This idea makes some people nervous, because talking about our creative wishes also brings up a lot of memories and emotions. That's totally normal, and I'm here for you. We'll work through together so you can get back to the business of being an awesome creative human being.) 

Are you sure I should do that creative thing I secretly want to do?

Yes. Absolutely!